Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Signs Your Child May Be Sick

As parents, we are always looking out for our kids. When they don't feel well, the signs are usually obvious. Fever, stomach ache, and crying are dead giveaways that something isn't quite right. But what about those little hints that only the keen eyes of parenthood can see?

Here are my Top Six Signs My Children Are Sick

6. They refuse to eat. My kids are big eaters, so when they turn down every bit of junk food I inevitably offer them in a feeble attempt to make them feel better, I know something is up.

5. They are still for more than two minutes. If my kids aren't eating or sleeping, they are running, jumping, dancing and playing. If they ever stop, it's safe to assume I will soon see the digested remains of their last meal.

4. They are quiet. See # 5. If their mouths are somehow closed for 30 seconds, they are holding something back. Give them a bucket and stand back.

3. The dog won't leave their side. Normally, my dog is smart enough to keep a safe distance between herself and the heathens. But when they are sick, she becomes the loving, nurturing caregiver. She cuddles them and follows them around until the feel up to torturing her again.

2. They don't want to watch Frozen. This pretty much tied with # 1. My kids, especially my daughter, never turn down a chance to see their favorite Ice Princess. So when they opt to nap instead of singing Let It Go at the top of their lungs, they are either sick or I'm having a really great dream.

1. They ask to sleep. This never happens. Again, this is more my daughter than my boys. She hates sleep! Avoids it all cost! Thinks it's the worst thing ever! Laughs in the face of melatonin! You get the point. So if she ever asks to go to sleep, I assume she has come down with a deadly disease.