Saturday, June 13, 2015


Most of you know I haven't been feeling very well the past few months. I've spent a lot of time at home, mostly on the couch or in the bed. To entertain myself, I've started painting again. I used to love painting, then I had kids. Aside from not having time, money, or energy, having a bunch of non-washable, non-kid-friendly paints around the house didn't seem like a good idea. But they're a bit older now and slightly less destructive, so I've picked up my old hobby to keep myself slightly amused while trapped in the house. Here are a few of my works. They aren't great, as I'm by no means a professional or even slightly trained. It's just fun for me. But the kids have helped out with several and they love to just watch the process. It's been nice quality time together while decorating my walls.

Kid friendly field of flowers, done with Q-tips.
 Series of yellow mini-motivational posters
 Big flower
 My son is obsessed with boats. He drew about 9 before we just went with the little one.
 Galaxy painting.

 Something I've always told my oldest son.
 The only one I managed to get done without their help
 My youngest two were fighting over whether it should say "Love" or "Love one another", and I was tired so I decided we were done.
 Purple flowers, my daughter picked the colors.
 We have the Fruits of the Spirit in several places around my house. I need constant reminders.
 Again, some days I just need to be reminded.
My daughter really wanted Christmas trees, but I hate seasonal art, so we agreed on a forest of trees.
 I just really wanted a pretty fishy picture.
My son is obsessed with bunny rabbits and kept begging me to paint one. I finally did, and now I can't get the picture to rotate.

So that's what I've been up to the past couple months. It's been.....interesting. But I am finally getting some answers and should be able to post much more often.