About Me

Are you struggling to manage your home? Are you looking for ways to organize and simplify your life? Do you want an easier way to keep your home running smoothly? Then look no further! The UNperfect Family is all about helping other families manage their homes. From cooking to finances, from cleaning to organizing, you'll find easy to follow tips and ideas - no detailed cleaning schedules here!

After years of struggling to manage my home, constant disorganization, and many lost hours looking for things, I decided it was time to get organized once and for all! But it was no easy task. I was on a limited budget, had a full time job, and an ever growing family. I had to get creative. Sticking to any kind of schedule wasn't going to happen, and I didn't have money to blow on my dream products to make life easier. So I took it one step, one project, at a time. I could spend $5 to organize my closet, or $10 to make gallons of homemade laundry detergent. I was nowhere near the perfect family I wanted to be. And you know what? Neither were any of my friends! 

I decided to start this blog to share my tips and ideas to help other UNperfect families through this messy journey. It's not fancy. I don't use expensive products, or have professionals come in to help, and I still can't walk down the hall without stepping on a Lego. But I'm making progress, and you can, too!

I'm Catherine, a mother to three wonderful, beautiful, and very loud children. I'm also a full time student. I've worked full time, part time, from home, and not at all. Currently I'm a stay at home so I can focus on finishing my degree, but I hope to return to work soon.

I really struggle to keep my home clean and organized, and my husband is rarely around to help. I don't expect my house to ever look perfect, it's just not possible with kids at home. But I do try to bring order to the chaos. Follow me on my journey to managing my Unperfect home, with my UNperfect Family.

Have a suggestion or comment? Looking for help with a particular challenge in your home? Just want to share your success? The contact me!

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