Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Organizing Craft Supplies

Craft supplies. We all have them, to varying degrees. I am currently working on a new craft table, but until that gets finished and I can get all my supplies in one place, I'm working on one section at a time.

Since I've been painting a lot lately, I decided to get all my paint supplies organized first. I had a lot of fun browsing Pinterest for ideas and scouring my house for containers I could use instead of spending money on new ones. Of course, my number one goal was to get everything sorted and labeled.

I started with my brushed. Using a few clear jars and a handful of river rocks, I sorted my brushes by type.

Next, I needed to corral my paints. I couldn't find a system I liked as I use mostly small tubes of acrylic paint rather than the larger bottles of craft paint. I was looking at my make-up storage and realized my lipstick holder would be perfect! I moved my lipsticks to another container and grabbed my paints. They all stand up perfectly so I can see them, and it didn't cost a dime.

Next, I had a few paint pens I use for detailing and writing, and wanted to keep them together. This was an easy fix, I just grabbed a small zipper pouch and stuck a label on it.

Then, I had to deal with my odds and ends. A few sponges, some painter's tape, a handful of paint bottles...nothing really seemed to fit my needs. So I decided to keep them together in one container. Sorry, I still can't get my pictures to rotate.

 I stacked my craft paints on the bottom, put my painter's tape in the middle, and my sponges on top. I may very well move everything to their own containers once I get my craft table all set up, but for now this keeps everything neat and organized.

And here it is all together: