Friday, September 18, 2015

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How I motivate myself to get things done

Do you have trouble getting motivated to put ideas into action?
Such a great question and I’d answer it this way. If I want something and it’s important to me I will be motivated. To be honest I like to make myself happy and that’s ok. So if I want it the motivation is there. The struggle comes when I need to do something that I don’t really want to do and then I have to figure out how to make myself motivated to do it. So really quick I want to share my little tips to doing things I don’t want to do and finding motivation. There are plenty of days I just want to do nothing and on those days I have to push myself a little harder.
How I motivate myself to get things done

1. Switch off the tasks with someone: If I really don’t want to do something then I try to find something my husband needs to do and doesn’t want to and see if we can trade. That way things still get done.
2. Break into time chunks. For me this is the best way to get myself motivated to do big tasks around the house. I will do it for 20 minutes then I get a break and then another 20 minutes and so on. During the breaks I do something fun like read or go online to relax and then get back to it. Most things don’t seem so bad if I break it up like that. Even things I dread like cleaning Bella’s room or putting away laundry.
3. Get what’s most important done. Not everything is going to be accomplished in my home but not everything is a priority to me either. I focus on what is and that takes some of the pressure off which motivates me to get things done.
4. Make a list. I use to write them before my hand stopped working but now I keep lists on my blog and in evernote on my ipad and phone. It’s great motivation to mark stuff done. Especially when I make them private like on my weekly to do post.

5. Going public about projects as well as lists. If I tell someone that I’m going to do something that is great motivation to actually get it done. I know I will get asked about it either online or by people in my real life. So I want to make sure to work on stuff so I can say what I’ve been working on.

About Me!

I’m Karissa and you’ve found my blog, let me start out by saying how glad I am that you are here. I love my blog and even more than that I love my readers. Since you clicked over to this page then I guess you want to know about the women behind the blog. So I’m in my early 30’s, I’m a wife of 11 years to my high school boyfriend, I’m the mother of a wonderful 8 year old daughter named Bella and hope for more kids one day. I am a San Diego native and am a part time blogger hoping to go pro in the near future.
Here is my family!
My blog is a positive and upbeat place, full of tips and advice. The reason I started my blog was because I was in a bad place. I was 25 and had a stroke. My recovery was long and isolating so I got into reading blogs. This lead me to want to try writing my own. I discovered that I had a love of writing and that I love the blog community and readers.
So I have wanted to create a place of helpful advice and encouragement to other women and bloggers. I also host a weekly blog link up full of positive and motivational quotes to help my readers start their week of right and also to help create a place for sharing our posts and supporting each other.

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