Wednesday, July 8, 2015

DIY Craft Table Remodel

My husband had been talking about getting me a craft table for months. We scoured Craigslist and thrift stores but couldn't find anything to fit our space and budget. We finally stopped looking and decided to just put the idea on hold.

A couple weeks ago, as I was sprawled out on the bedroom floor painting, we decided I needed some kind of work area.We had very little available space and even less room in the budget. So I went hunting in the garage for extra pallets, spare parts, anything I could turn into a small table. Then, I spied my old nightstand. It was close to twenty years old and had seen better days, but was small enough I could squeeze it into my bedroom corner. It would have to do.

Hubby sanded it all down, stripped the hardware, and smoothed out the edges. We used a couple cans of spray paint we had from another project, and gave it a couple coats of clear sealant.

It was perfect, so easy, and very cheap. We cleaned out a corner in my bedroom and pulled up a chair. I now have a small surface that matched my decor and can house most of my craft supplies.