Thursday, January 22, 2015

Home Office Part 3: Homework Table

Part 1: The Setup          Part 2: Backpack Station

Part three of our home office series involves a homework area for the kids. Getting kids to focus on their homework is a task in itself. You can make this chore a bit easier by creating a designated area free of distraction for them to work. 

The first step is to find an area of your home with ample space and minimal distractions. Do you have only one child or do you need to accommodate several children?  Is there plenty of light or will you need to add a lamp? Finding the right location and figuring out a setup that works for your family is the first, and often the biggest, step in the process. We decided on this corner of the home office.

Once you have an idea in mind and measurements of the space, you need to find a table or desk to fit. You don't need to spend a lot of money, it just needs to serve its purpose. Our first homework table we found at a yard sale. Our second one was an old folding table we had in the garage. Check thrift stores, yard sales,  or even other areas of your home for furniture to fit your needs.

And finally, the finishing touches. You'll need to have all needed supplies within reach but not cluttering the work area. We have a simple three drawer cart which slides under the the table and out of the way. We happened to have an extra one laying around, use whatever you have. The goal is not to spend a lot of money, just to have a functional homework area. You can use old jars, baskets, anything to corral the supplies. Our drawers hold pencils and sharpeners, extra paper, and coloring or activity books for the younger ones. We have little mason jars on top for crayons, scissors, glue, and dry erase markers.

Above the table we have a US map, with pins marking where family members are. We also have the Ten Commandments and the fruits of the spirit to remind everyone of the behavior and character expected of them. The giant white board is used for my assignments and project deadlines.

Now we have a quiet area to get work done and homework time is slightly less stressful.It is right next to my desk in the office, so the computer is close by if needed for research and I can work alongside them in the afternoons.

Products Used:
The Ten Commandments for Kids Chart

Carson Dellosa Word Strips Sentence Strips (4455)

Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Markers, 12 Colored Markers(30072)

Plastic 3 Drawer Storage

Drawer Organizer Bins