Monday, January 19, 2015

DIY Closet Dividers

DIY Closet Dividers

I love having an organized closet, it just makes me so happy when I trying to get dressed! But trying to organize our family closet was proving difficult. I wanted to add some dividers, but we have wire shelves and rods, and traditional dividers wouldn't fit. I found several DIY ones on Pinterest, but they were all made for round closet rods. So I had to get creative.

First, I had to decide on a design. I needed something that both my husband and kids could understand, and that would fit on my tiny rod. I decided to go with rectangles and use pictures to label to them and hooks to attach them.

I searched for basic clothing clip art for the pictures. Since we use color coding for labeling everything, I just needed black and white pictures to put on the colored squares. I got some foam sheets to use as the base, as they were inexpensive but seemed durable enough to handle our closet.

I started by sorting out the colors I needed for each person, made a list of what items each one needed, and printed out the corresponding clip art pictures. I made this sample to be sure everything would fit and that my kid's glue sticks would hold it all together.

Then I just got to work putting it all together. I used a basic hole punch to make the hole at the top for the hook to go through, and permanent markers to write the labels.

I used two packs of shower curtain hooks from the dollar store to hang them all up. This allowed for easy movement of the dividers and a small enough hook to fit on my rod. The kids loved them so much, I made some without hooks to label their drawers.

Then I just used tape to attach them to the drawers, so they can be moved around as needed.
I also made some for the adults.

Yes, my husband only gets one hook. He has a tiny section of the closet that holds just a few dress shirts. Everything else of his gets folded.

They fit perfectly in the closet, and now everything is sorted properly!

Total cost for the project:
50 foam sheets: $6, with plenty left over for other projects
2 packs of shower curtain hooks: $4
Glue sticks, hole punch, and paper I had on hand: $0

$10 for 24 dividers, plus extra foam sheets.