Monday, January 28, 2013

One Week Challenge!

I have a fairly slow week planned, so I thought I would take this opportunity to really get something done around the house. I have no major commitments until next Monday, so I have 7 days to really do some damage around here. There are numerous things I've been putting on, and now I WILL get them done!

Step 1. Make a list. This part I'm particularly awesome at. So awesome, in fact, that I usually spend all my time making the perfect list and never actually accomplish anything. I need a list of all the chores to be done, probably organized according to priority and time commitment. Maybe color coded. Or alphabetized! But I digress...

I know off hand that I need to vacuum the stairs, they're still glittery from Christmas decorations.
I also really need to clean the microwave. Husband hasn't learned to cover food yet, and it's ick.
I desperately need to clean out and organize my desk again. This seems to be a monthly chore.
I should probably get the bookshelf reorganized, before it collapses from the uneven weight.
I can see numerous handprints on the kitchen windows, I should probably clean that.
I really need to clean out the pantry, it's been a while since it had an overhaul.
I would like to get all the laundry done and put away, but let's be serious. I'll settle for a third of it.
I need to get all the bedding washed and put back where it goes...the kids made a fort over the weekend and now everything is a mess.

So, that's eight things. I have seven days. But the laundry will probably take the entire week to sift through, because my dryer is ancient and takes a couple hours, slowing down the process. So this week I will tackle one chore a day, and three loads of laundry a day. Hopefully by next week I can see my bedroom floor!

Now, how does one vacuum stairs? I've never done it alone, always with a partner. But Husband is not likely to be around, nor help even if he is here. I would like to get it done before Big Kid comes home from school, but I should probably make lunch first. You can see how this usually goes...

**I managed to get everything done, except vacuum the stairs.  I vacuumed the top half I could easily reach, and the bottom stairs I could easily reach, but the middle stairs still look pretty rough. I took a broom and swept everything down, so I could reach it, but there's still glitter I couldn't get up. **