Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Household Notebook

As I mentioned earlier, a Household Notebook can be a life saver! It can contain everything from meal plans, to budgets, to chore lists, even calendars. It is your tool to keep your house running smoothly.  You can customize it to include whatever you would like, and toss the stuff that doesn't apply to you. I've included several printable and downloadable worksheets, several are the same form just in different format. So find what you like best. If you have suggestions for other forms not included on the list, feel free to share in the comments. I recommend, at the least, a Menu Planner, Chore Chart, Calendar, Budget, and Phone Number List. If you have babysitters on occasion, there are lists which include family information, routines, and emergency contact lists. If you are wanting to get your finances in order, there are several budget and tracking worksheets. If you would like to try meal planning or freezer cooking, or perhaps you regularly do both, there are lists to help with that as well. The important thing is to make it work for YOU. I keep a diet tracker in mine, to track allergic reactions with my kids when we can't quite narrow down the cause. I keep a list of websites and passwords, so my husband can quit calling me every ten minutes. I keep a Pricebook of my favorite stores, so when I do my meal planning and grocery list, I know exactly what it will cost. There are countless options, and it's always a work in progress. You can add it to it later. Pinterest has several ideas (of course!) for how to organize and decorate your household notebook. The possibilities are endless!

Daily To Do List

Master To Do List
Daily Planner
Weekly Planner
Daily Do-It Checklist

Daily Cleaning List
Shopping List

Weekly Menu Planner
Weekly Menu Planner with List
Monthly Menu Planner
Post-It Planner

Freezer Inventory
Pantry Inventory
Recipes to Try

Daily Diet Tracker
First Aid Checklist
Pre-Travel Checklist

Birthday Calendar
Emergency Information
Family Yellow Pages
Important Phone Numbers
Restaurant Directory

Budget Worksheet
Monthly Spending Worksheet
Yearly Spending Worksheet
Debt Load Worksheet
Financial Goals Worksheet
Net Worth Worksheet
One Income Worksheet

Stockpile List
Master Pantry List
Home Inventory
Home Maintenance Checklist
Car Maintenance Checklist

Chore Chart 1
Chore Chart 2
Chore Chart 3
Chore Chart 4
Chore Chart 5
Chore Chart 6
Chore Chart 7

Holiday Spending Worksheet
Holiday Gift Worksheet
Babysitter Checklist 1

Child Chore Pack
Freezer Cooking Pack
Full Menu Planner Pack

Babysitter Checklist 2
Babysitter Checklist 3
Babysitter Checklist 4