Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cleaning: Tips for the real world

      With kids, cleaning can be a challenge. Add in work, church, pets, family events, or a husband, and cleaning (let alone keeping it clean!) is darn near impossible.  But there are a few ways to make the chore a little bit easier, and manage to keep it clean for more than an hour.

      In the real world, kids are messy. Families on TV always have perfectly clean houses, empty laundry rooms, and never a dust bunny in sight. For the unperfect family, fighting to get things clean, and keeping them that way, is a daily struggle. We argue over who should take the trash out, whose turn it is to wash dishes, and who is on bathroom duty. But we’re going to fix that. While your house may never be spotless and run like a well-oiled machine, it will at least be functional and clutter-free.

      In Part 1, we will tackle getting the job done. Part 2 we will explore ways to keep it clean.