Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Potty Training

Potty Training Tips

Potty training is an important event in every child's life. One that parents both dread and look forward to. We don't appreciate the battle getting there, but we love the end result. But HOW does one start potty training? Here are some potty training tips to help you achieve success during the process.

Potty Training Tip #1
Wait until your child is ready. I can't stress this enough. Trying to potty train too early will only cause stress on both parent and child.

Potty Training Tip #2
Let your child watch you go. Children need to see the process. Let them join you, so they can observe how to pull down their pants, sit down, flush, and wash their hands.

Potty Training Tip #3
Talk about it. Let your child know what to do, why they need to learn, and most importantly, how proud you are of them.

Potty Training Tip #4
Don't schedule potty visits. Watch your child, follow their cues. Let them ask to go or tell you they need to go. Don't set a specific time to go, ie: every thirty minutes take them potty.

Potty Training Tip #5
Let them have some naked time. Allow them to experience life without a diaper. Watch for their cues, and take them to the bathroom when they start to go.

Potty Training Tip #6
Don't allow toys on the potty, and don't put the potty in front of the TV. While this may encourage the child to sit longer, they will be focused on playing and not on learning to go.

Potty Training Tip #7
Allow boys to sit down to go. Most young children can't stand and comfortably reach the potty at this age anyway. Teaching them to stand will only cause confusion when it's time to poop. Let them sit to go pee, and when they are older (and taller) they can learn to pee standing up.

Potty Training Tip #8
Use rewards. A song, a hug, a kiss or a high five are perfect ways to tell your child you're proud of their accomplishments. You don't have to give them candy or a new toy every time they go. Just a simple gesture to show they did a good job.

Potty Training Tip #9
If your child is having trouble going, pour a little warm water on their thighs. This often causes the child to pee without thinking about it. This is an easy way to get the process started, and once they see how proud you are of them, they will be more motivated to do it again.

Potty Training Tip #10
Remember- regression can happen. You may go six months without an accident, but 2 days of diarrhea can make any child avoid the bathroom. Having a new baby around can also cause regression. Be prepared, but don't make a big deal out of it. 

Potty training doesn't have to be stressful, and the most important thing is to make your child comfortable with the process.